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Adoption Dynamics: An Update on the Impact of the Adoption and Safe Families Act

Fred Wulczyn, Kristen Brunner Hislop, Lijun Chen | 2005
Among all of the provisions included in the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA), those that relate to the termination of parental rights and adoption are perhaps most central to the law’s overarching purpose. This paper analyzes data from the Multistate Foster Care Data Archive to understand what effect, if any, the federal law has had on the proportion of children adopted from foster care and on the time needed to complete those adoptions.
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Setting Capitated Rates for Child Welfare Programs

Fred Wulczyn, Eileen Sheu | 1997
Child welfare services currently operate in an environment characterized by increasing need for services and calls for cost containment and system reform. The authors of this paper suggest that capitated rates represent a potentially useful strategy for meeting those demands. This paper discusses issues related to setting a capitation rate and how to estimate the maximum rate of expenditure permissible for solvency under the proposed capitation rate.
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