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Education, Training, and Technical Assistance

We offer a variety of online and in-person educational opportunities designed to familiarize agency administrators with the principles of data analysis and their application to continuous quality improvement. We also offer training on how to use our suite of analytic tools and technical assistance in deploying those instruments to answer agencies’ specific business questions.

Learn more about the Data Center’s education, training, and technical assistance opportunities:

FCDA web tool tutorial videos

Watch quick, easy-to-follow demonstrations of core FCDA web tool functions or contact us to request an online tour of the system.
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Advanced Analytics for Child Welfare Administration

A multi-day course for child welfare managers who work directly with information resources or who are in a position to influence the use of information in their organization. Course participants learn state-of-the art methods for using longitudinal administrative data in child welfare decision making, program planning, and outcomes monitoring.
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Data Slam

Two-day follow up sessions for students who have taken the Advanced Analytics course. Students apply the knowledge and skills acquired through Advanced Analytics to a specific problem of interest that they bring to the table. Working in groups and with guidance from instructors, participants generate evidence from their own administrative data and use it to craft a narrative about performance and opportunities for improvement that they then present to the class. In this way, the Data Slam is as much about effective communication as it is about best practices in evidence use.

Online Continuous Quality Improvement Seminars

Two-part seminars introduce child welfare administrators to basic concepts of longitudinal data analysis and their applications to the cycle of CQI.
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