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Training: Evidence-Driven Growth & Excellence (EDGE)

What is EDGE?

EDGE is an evidence-use training program for child welfare leaders and managers. Participants learn how to construct a defensible theory of change and how to generate, interpret, and apply evidence to the cyclical process of improvement. EDGE provides child welfare administrators with the skills to measure system outcomes correctly—to answer the question, “How are we doing?”—and to use that evidence as fuel for improvement.


Praise for EDGE

“WAFCA quickly recognized the value of the EDGE program. EDGE responded to member agencies’ desire to measure their performance and feed that evidence back into a self-correcting, ongoing process of improvement. It also addressed members’ interest in demonstrating their impact to state and county partners, donors, agency boards, and the staff working hard to make a difference.” [Read more…]

– Emily Coddington, Associate Director, Wisconsin Association of Family & Children’s Agencies

“[EDGE] offered an extremely user-friendly format for understanding foundational principles of CQI and performance measurement in child welfare. EDGE helped us better understand the distinction between research evidence and other organizational information, as well as the importance of using evidence to guide our improvement efforts. EDGE also encouraged us to incorporate evidence into our theory of change, forcing us to think through essential questions such as, ‘How do we really know this is a problem that needs improvement?’, ‘How do we really know this intervention will improve the problem?’ and ‘How will we really know whether the problem improves?’” [Read more…]

– Dr. Jeffrey Krukar, Licensed Psychologist/Certified School Psychologist, Genesee Lake School


Why participate in EDGE?

EDGE‘s impact in the field


EDGE publications