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Analytic Tools

Data Center researchers are experts in transforming agency administrative data into state-of-the-art, longitudinal data warehouses. Our suite of analytic tools enables agencies to analyze critical questions regarding outcomes for children and families. Together, these tools provide agencies with the analytic infrastructure they need to monitor system performance:

Learn more about how the Data Center puts analytic tools to work in the field:

FCDA Web Tool

Learn about the FCDA web tool – the Data Center’s user-friendly, online decision support tool that allows member agencies to analyze child welfare outcomes directly.
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Framing Analytic Questions in the Context of Continuous Quality Improvement

Read this post from the Data Center’s user-support blog, Recipes, about how longitudinal data can help your agency answer questions about system performance throughout the cycle of continuous quality improvement.
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A 5-Year Projection in the Number of Children Turning Age 18 while in Foster Care

Fred Wulczyn, Linda Collins | 2010
In this report, the authors describe a model for projecting the number of children who will turn 18 while in foster care (i.e., will age out of foster care) in the coming five years. Taking into account changes in the number of children entering care, changes in the age distribution of children entering care, and changes in how long children stay in care, the model projects that the number of children aging out of foster care will most likely decline and then level off over the next 5 years.
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