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Archive: October 2013

As some of you know, a while back, the Data Center started a blog called Recipes. This blog was located inside the FCDA web tool and focused on how to use that tool to ask and answer system performance questions regarding outcomes for children in foster care. In order to enable a broader audience to access that information—and much more—we’ve moved the blog over to our main website, expanded its scope, and given it a new name: CQIdeas. We’ll still use this forum to post FCDA web tool guidance, but we’ll also be using it to share information about new research coming from the Data Center, resources for building CQI capacity, and how to incorporate the use of research evidence into ongoing CQI activities. You’ll find the link to CQIdeas in the main menu on our homepage (and you’ll still be able to access it from inside the FCDA web… Read more >